Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Chat topic

Chat topic

1. Sports: talk about the sports we all like;

2. Health: beauty, health preservation, weight loss, etc;

3. Movie: recommend a friend's movie, and then talk together;

4. Books: if you like reading, of course you have to comment on books;

5. Financial management: we study how to manage money;

6. Gossip: Internet celebrity, star gossip;

7. Sex: the appropriate adjustment;

8. Feelings: reminiscing and complaining (you can persuade each other);

9. Entrepreneurship: making money is important;

10. Music: recommend some music to him;

Finally, I'll put you a website with book reviews, music reviews and film reviews;

On the one hand, you chat intermittently because everyone may be busy with something else. On the other hand, it may be your own imagination. Everyone will not be alienated because of intermittently chatting on the Internet. Secondly, you should also have rich speech materials~~

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