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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Chat skills

Chat skills

I don't know if you have such a special chat person around you. Everyone is willing to chat with her, or even listen to her without chatting.

So, what kind of thinking behind their ability to chat with people is worth learning? Let's analyze it today~

1、 Ingenious thinking brings humorous language

People who are good at chatting are usually very humorous. They make people feel funny and even laugh.

Such a humorous person, of course, everyone is willing to chat with him.

One of my college students is like this. He is very humorous and amazes the people around him when he opens his mouth. Even when the school organizes debate competitions, the debate team wants to send him out to "disturb" the other party.

Ha ha, I'm kidding. The debate team is still a serious group.

Of course, this classmate's humor is not without reason, behind this, there is his unique way of thinking.

For example, if someone asks you, is it cold outside? The average person's answer is, "still broad, not too cold."

And this guy would say, "it's not cold, it's even a little hot."

But when you look out of the window, it's snowy.

You see, the first step for this guy to chat is to turn the topic to the opposite that ordinary people can't think about. The answer on the opposite makes people feel more novel and funny.

It's very pleasant to chat with such people!

So, if you want to talk about the thinking of people who are good at chatting, what I want to say is their originality. The same answers and words are boring. Novelty is more attractive.

There is a famous saying, "in the kingdom of imagination, anything new or unusual is the source of happiness, because it enriches our hearts with a pleasant novelty."

You see, novelty or unusual things are the source of people's happiness to some extent. Isn't that attractive enough?

If you also want to be a special chat person, you might as well start from the cultivation of creative thinking!

2、 Think about the problem and comprehensively touch the "connecting point" of both sides

Is humor enough to make people want to talk to you?

It's not just that.

If those attractive words have nothing to do with you, I think you don't want to listen to them.

Behind this, there is a more important "connection point". People who can chat often find the "common ground" between you two before on the basis of comprehensive thinking.

This is an important aspect of effective communication.

I have a friend who used to be the president of the student union. This guy communicates with countless people every day. Everyone praises him for his communication skills.

No matter who he chats with, he can effectively touch the common ground of both sides. Some people chat mainly to comfort you, and chat with him, you can effectively receive some information, know what to choose next.

The connection point between you is often reflected incisively and vividly in the communication with him.

This kind of communication is really effective.

And in their thinking level, it involves their strong analytical ability.

Can effectively analyze your problems, your joy, your dissatisfaction and other emotions, on this basis to give you enough tolerance, through your contact points to convey effective information to you.

Their powerful ability to chat depends on it.

If you want to have such a strong ability to chat, you might as well start with enhancing your analytical ability!

3、 The true feelings of the warm and close people

Of course, in addition to understand you to help you, there is a must kill skill for people who can chat, that is the true feelings under the enthusiasm.

No one can refuse the truth, in social life, we are not fools, basically able to distinguish who is true and who is false.

And those who are especially good at chatting, they will develop a kind of "true thinking", put themselves in the other side's shoes in communication, and let the other side feel the value of sincerity.

A few months ago, when I was exercising every morning, I would call my friends in the community. This way of communication is much more effective than sending wechat and voice messages.

It is in the communication with my friends that I found that the expression of true feelings is very important.

At the end of each chat, everyone praises me in the community. They recognize my communication skills, which can also be called "chat ability."

And I analyzed it, why do you have such feelings?

To a large extent, it comes from my sincerity and exchange my heart for the truth.

In communication, I won't talk about big things. If you talk about a lot of big things that others are not willing to listen to, you might as well talk about your recent life and thoughts.

For example, I had a very good communication with Taobao customer service today, and they finally rescheduled the delivery for me, and so on.

Sincere chat can make people feel natural and comfortable, and can get a sense of reality from your expression. Truth has its own power, and can even "ignite" the spark of wireless communication.

This is also a little sentiment I got from chatting. I'd like to share it with you.

It's also like a small gain in my writing. The expression of true feelings is far more attractive than the exaggeration and hypocrisy.

Therefore, if you want to have a strong chat ability, you might as well be more realistic!

Write at the end

Rome is not built in a day, especially for people who can chat, and their thinking is not formed in a day. If you want to be such a person, you might as well try to cultivate your above thinking from now on~

If there is no effect in the short term, don't be discouraged. After all, it's still a long process from obscurity to popularity!

Welcome to like, forward, comment, say your confusion, I'll have a good chat with you~

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