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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Chat and speaking skills

Chat and speaking skills

People are gregarious animals. They contact many other people every day and communicate with them. What are the skills of speaking? Next, I will introduce how to learn speaking skills



The tone should be low and clear.

Bright, low and pleasant intonation is the most attractive, so people with high intonation should try to practice to become low-key in order to speak charming perceptual voice.


Clear pronunciation and paragraphs.

The pronunciation should be standard and the sentences should be clear-cut. The best way to correct the shortcoming of not pronouncing words is to read aloud, which will be effective over time.


Speak fast and slow, just right.

In emotional situations, of course, speaking speed can be accelerated. In rational situations, speaking speed should be slowed down accordingly.


Know how to pause at certain times.

Don't be too long and don't be too short. Pauses sometimes arouse curiosity and force the other party to make an early decision.


The volume should be moderate.

If the volume is too high, it will cause too much pressure and disgust. If the volume is too low, it will appear that you are not confident and persuasive.


Match facial expression

Every word, every sentence has its meaning. Know when to match the right facial expression.


The wording should be elegant and the pronunciation should be correct.

Learn the correct pronunciation and practice more.

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