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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Camp Chat: Valwood Valiants

VALDOSTA, GA. (WTXL) — Coming off a season where a trip to the playoffs did not turn out to be a reality, Valwood football is gearing up to change ...

How to chat in Pokemon Unite

However, for some who are new to the MOBA genre, it can be daunting. Here is how to chat in Pokemon Unite by texting your teammates. There are two ...

Chat Box: What the governor says

In the final Chat Box of the season, David Cruz talks with Gov. Phil Murphy about the top issues facing New Jersey — everything from fears of a new ...

Friday, July 30, 2021

WhatsApp may make it easier for users to move chat history from iOS to Android, here is how it will ...

Users who switch from Android to iOS and vice versa often lose their chat history because chat migration in operating systems is not available yet.

Host Chat – 07/29/21

Host Chat – 07/29/21 ... Copyright 2021 Nexstar Media Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

DeKalb County Commissioner Larry Johnson to host “THRIVE in Biz” virtual fireside chat

The fireside chat will feature Audria Richmond, a marketing and launch strategist who helps clients to scale their business model, automate marketing ...

Thursday, July 29, 2021

How can we talk(chat)?

How can we talk(chat)?

For everyone, "chatting" and "talking" are very important skills.

Listening & mastering the rhythm

All guys who talk annoyingly have a common trait, that is, they "don't consider other people's feelings at all".

I believe many people have met "torture" interlocutors. Open the chat records between you and him. In the 10 conversations, 90% of them are asking you all kinds of questions, ranging from where your parents work to your income and private life. This "unique way of communication" gives you the illusion of being caught and interrogated by the enemy.

In addition, I also know some "performance" talkers. They basically don't give you a chance to speak. They chatter about how good they are all the time, and then give you a set of life principles. It's so annoying. They don't need normal communication, but eagerly turn every conversation into a stage and give everyone a free talk show just to satisfy their fanatical desire for performance.

Of course you can ask questions, but you must master the boundaries of frequency and privacy; Don't talk about yourself, give the other person some chance to talk. The rhythm of conversation is a very important thing. It determines whether you can communicate happily. By the way, if you don't hate each other, you can try to smile and keep a friendly expression.

Before any conversation, please remember to listen to the other party instead of asking nonsense.


Don't make complaints about it.

Make complaints about the atmosphere of Tucao too heavy, so everyone began to make complaints about "Tucao" is a very cool thing.

Sometimes, it's cool to see Tucao's passage, but it's not the same thing to make complaints about yourself. Especially those who are not close enough to Tucao, you may make complaints about it. In real life, apart from cross talk actors, Tucao will not make you look funny and humorous, but it will make complaints about your "lack of courtesy and upbringing". The dislike of Tucao is that you put a big pot of salt on the other side's pain to make complaints about the "cheap and interesting". It can't help you solve any problems, but it may make things worse.

If you want to be considered a decent person, you must use more honorifics and thanks. When asking others for help, say more polite words such as "please", "trouble you", "I don't know if it's convenient for you". When the other party has made contributions to the project, say more "thank you for your contribution in XX..."; When rejecting others' requests, you can be firm, but use euphemistic words. You can say, "I'm really very sorry. I really can't help with this matter. Do you want to consider other methods, such as.

In short, don't leave without a word. Let the other party feel that he is valued and respected.

I Love That Nobody Communicates In Pokemon Unite

League's in-game chat has ruined one too many of my nights, so relying on pings ... Pokemon Unite has a chat function too, but no one ever uses it.

Love Island's Hugo Hammond 'cringes' fans out with terrible chat up lines in Casa Amor

Love Island fans were left cringing during Wednesday's episode as Hugo Hammond attempted to chat up Amy Day. The PE teacher has been rather ...

Portsmouth release three academy players after abusive posts in group chat

... have released three players from their academy following disciplinary proceedings in relation to discriminatory messages sent in a group chat.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

What is the definition of chat?

What is the definition of chat?

Chatting in modern Chinese dictionary is interpreted as: chatting, that is, talking in your spare time.

What is online chat?

At first glance, it seems that this is a very stupid topic, but when you think about it carefully, it is still a little confused. I have been thinking about this seemingly simple but puzzling problem for nearly six years on the Internet. What is the network? Where is the full interpretation of the charm it provides us in this infinite space? Many friends told me that people are infatuated with chatting because they bear too much pressure in real life. They need to relax, talk, let people share their pain and failure, and look for the object and themselves to vent from simple relaxation.

I think the real charm of online chat should come from the penetration of words into emotions. The world we see in our eyes is limited, while the thought we feel in our hearts is infinite and eternal. In real life, we know a person first by seeing, understanding and communicating. The Internet is not. We can't see each other with our eyes, nor can we rationally know the person opposite you, What we feel about each other is to dig and understand him or her step by step through words, thoughts and feelings.

Under the cover of the virtual veil, this kind of emotion fabricated with the soul has become particularly colorful and mysterious. In an instant, each of us has become tall and sacred, and everyone has become a great Savior. Everyone will take the initiative to help and understand those lonely people with fragile hearts. They have long forgotten who they are, and they are actually very lonely and need to be concerned. When we communicate, we often attach our emotions to each other's emotions. For example, "hello" in real life, it's an ordinary general greeting. When we say "hello" in the chat room, we may imagine his brilliant smile and pleasant tone when he said this to her, as if we saw his polite nod to her, Think again, are you smiling and nodding?

In reality, we use reason to experience life, but in the network, we use sensibility to fantasize about life, and see incomparable delicacy and perfection of emotion and friendship. When the fantasy comes to naught, you know that his "she" opposite the screen is not the idol you really want to get. At that time, do you have tears and heartache? I believe every one of us here has had a feeling, so we thought of leaving, hoping to return to reality and find our true self.

We have all been excited and excited about this distance. We have also cried and lost for this distance. After sitting in front of the screen for a long time, our eyes are spent, our hands are numb, our emotions are exhausted, and our thinking begins to be dull. At this time, we may really choose to give up all the beauty and pain, but friends! If he still knows how to cherish her, there is still a touch and passion in his heart. The feelings of concern and difficulty can reintroduce us here at any time. Since we are unable to escape and restrain the emotion that burns in case of fire, let the soul that has been moved be quietly collected -- forever...

After talking so much, I still don't understand what online chat is? What does it leave us in the end? Will you answer me?

Talk to people when you see people and talk to ghosts. It's best not to talk to strangers!

In this e era, the so-called chat can be divided into two types. One is online chat, the other is interpersonal communication with real life. Chat now has voice chat and video chat

First; Online chat is completely free, without involving too many ideas Xi. Give full play to your potential and spare strength as much as possible. There is no doubt that people with similar aspirations have fewer cups of confidants and forget their worries. So there are not too many constraints.

Second; Speaking of interpersonal communication. In this regard, a large factor depends on an individual's personality tendency. If you want to be a good communicator. Then first, let your character integrate into the group. Chat regardless of regional culture. Yan may not be an academic scholar. As a good talker, the first thing you have is the quality of your heart and the openness of your personality. As the saying goes, if you want to do well, you must sharpen your tools first. In the final analysis, it is still about being cheerful and closed.

Of course, as an authority, you certainly don't want to chat with a celebrity, a generation in the clouds, or a conformist.

Second; Chatting is undoubtedly about a topic. This kind of speech score occasion is related to the group. Of course, the chat proposed by the landlord is the chat with friends. First, let's put aside our character for the time being. Let's talk about several advantages of talkers. First; Appropriate to break the silence. At this time, your words are the center. Cultivate this habit from time to time, and you will like the focus of attention. Second; Chatting is undoubtedly relaxing. Although happiness and sadness can become topics. But I don't think anyone will use their leisure time to listen to your tears. Here you can choose to tell a little joke or story. You don't have to scratch. The ears of a table of people will naturally follow you. This is on the table.

After dinner, such jokes that are not close to reality may be reduced. You can take yourself as the center and tell the things around you in the form of black you silence. Remember that you can not laugh. Long Shang tells jokes without laughing. He wants to leave his laughter to the listener.

In addition, often chatting with friends can not only practice your eloquence and ability to distinguish quickly, but also make your character more cheerful. You can choose to start with a friend. This friend must be your best friend. Lying in the moonlight, the breeze blowing. The dust and smoke of the past... Even if you wanted to shut up, you couldn't stop it.

I used to have a friend who was a real mug. Influenced by my eloquence, he likes to come to my house and chat with me. It's not over. There are many occasions. People don't see how "conservative" he is anymore. Anything can be an art. Chatting is no exception. Those who are close to Zhu denounce those who are close to ink. You spend all day with a bunch of guys who can't fart. I think you'll even degrade your ability to express.

How about friends? The above is my personal opinion. I used to be a real mug. But after reading so much, do you still think I'm like an authentic stuffy, ha ha. Academically, maybe I'm an ordinary person. But on the chat. The more I meet you, the more I can act as a%%. Have time to chat with me. I don't believe you can't pollute!!

Cricket legend to discuss new book on racism in sport during online chat with members of library ...

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Football Chat: Varsity to face North Shore United

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OOP: Apparently Booted Bachie Girls Have A Group Chat Where They Talk Shit About Jimmy

Yep, we're dealing with sources chatting to a tabloid here so please take everything with a pinch/handful of salt – though an ex-contestants group chat ...

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Chat topic

Chat topic

1. Sports: talk about the sports we all like;

2. Health: beauty, health preservation, weight loss, etc;

3. Movie: recommend a friend's movie, and then talk together;

4. Books: if you like reading, of course you have to comment on books;

5. Financial management: we study how to manage money;

6. Gossip: Internet celebrity, star gossip;

7. Sex: the appropriate adjustment;

8. Feelings: reminiscing and complaining (you can persuade each other);

9. Entrepreneurship: making money is important;

10. Music: recommend some music to him;

Finally, I'll put you a website with book reviews, music reviews and film reviews;

On the one hand, you chat intermittently because everyone may be busy with something else. On the other hand, it may be your own imagination. Everyone will not be alienated because of intermittently chatting on the Internet. Secondly, you should also have rich speech materials~~

Android's 'Data Restore Tool' readies transferring WhatsApp chats from iOS

Transfer WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android. One of the bigger shortcomings of WhatsApp is that you can only access your messages on one ...

New video chat platform Yep launches, founders have Fresno connections

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Video chatting is changing due to the founders of the new platform Yep. "You can grab a link, and you can send it to ...

Games Chat with Cam & Brownie: Episode 3

Resident expert Cameron Dunn was once again chatting all things Olympics with Andrew Brown and special guest Olivia Christie, this time for the ...

What topics can I talk(chat) about?

 What topics can I talk(chat) about?

I have a good friend. We often chat on the Internet. But we can't find topics. The chat is always intermittent, which alienates us. What topics can we talk about? At least 5

If you need to talk and communicate according to the on-site atmosphere, don't be silent or boastful. Find a common language and be flexible.

1. Sports: talk about the sports we all like;

2. Health: beauty, health preservation, weight loss, etc;

3. Movie: recommend a friend's movie, and then talk together;

4. Books: if you like reading, of course you have to comment on books;

5. Financial management: we study how to manage money;

6. Gossip: Internet celebrity, star gossip;

matters needing attention:

1. Never try to show yourself in front of a girl.

2. Don't panic when you don't know what to say, because the girl doesn't know what to say. If you can transfer the pressure of this chat to the other party, let her think and say what to say, and you're calm about what to do, you'll leave a deep impression on her.

3. Don't always talk to girls seriously.

4. Don't use too many questions.

5. Try to provide valuable information to the other party instead of getting valuable information from the other party's words.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Le Chat Noir will be a new restaurant in an old New Orleans cabaret; you can get a taste now

The new restaurant Le Chat Noir is taking shape inside 715 St. Charles Ave., the space that was once a cabaret theater of the same name. (Staff photo ...

WhatsApp Tips: Want To Hide Your Personal Chat From Others? Here's A Trick For You

Many WhatsApp delete their chats to hide it from others, while they do not know that they can be hidden without deleting the chat. Let's know how you ...

WhatsApp Video and Voice chat gets an upgrade; join missed calls with this new feature

The latest design changes are available for iOS, which gives the WhatsApp video chats, the same interface as FaceTime. Additionally, users can invite ...

Sunday, July 25, 2021

What are the benefits of chatting?

What are the benefits of chatting?

Chatting has many advantages. Chatting can delay the aging process of the brain, "running water is not rotten, Hushu is not stupid", various functions of the human body are used in and out, and the brain is no exception. When chatting and talking, people need to think with their brain, which is undoubtedly an exercise for brain function. It can prevent the brain from aging prematurely. Scientific research has proved that people's aging process, that is, the continuous accumulation of brain cell metabolite brown pigment, in order to reduce this accumulation, in addition to food control and the application of other drugs, strengthening physical exercise, using the brain scientifically and diligently is also an important aspect.

A person's life can not be without troubles. The so-called "good luck in everything" is just a wish of people, especially the middle-aged and elderly people in troubled times. When they encounter the entanglement of diseases, the death of their old companions, the marriage of their children, the tension of interpersonal relations and the generation gap in the family, they often make people depressed and fall into distress and loneliness. When we encounter such unpleasant things, it is necessary to find some close friends to talk and pour out their hearts to relieve the temporary unhappiness and get rid of excitement, anger, grievance, depression, doubt and other emotions. In particular, people with introverted personality and depression should expose their emotions and obtain the comfort of others, which is very important for health. Practice has proved that chatting is of great benefit to people's physical and mental health. Especially for the elderly, it can stimulate their spirit like piano, chess, books, paintings, playing birds and fishing. It is the best way to eliminate loneliness.

Chatting is also a good opportunity to increase knowledge. When the whole family, old or young, or relatives and friends get together, they can exchange ideas and complement each other's knowledge because of their different knowledge and life experiences. Many literati in the past dynasties collected materials in chatting with friends or chatting with people.

Chatting can also make friends who forget their years. In addition to chatting with people of the same generation and near age, you can also make friends with people of different generations and ages. Many harmonious families respect the old and love the young, enjoy the happiness of their family, and are inseparable from the ideological communication and willingness to chat with generations.


Facebook Messenger Soundmojis: A Step by Step Guide on How to Use

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Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.100 Rolling Out With Teams Chat, Rounded Corners and ...

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Delhi University colleges enters group chat

Delhi University colleges enters group chat. A new challenge is getting scattered college students across Delhi University together, and the social ...

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Big Ten Media Days wraps up in Indianapolis with the Hawkeyes and a chat with Trev Alberts

INDIANAPOLIS (KMTV) —3 News Now Sports Director Adam Krueger recaps the second day of Big Ten Football Media Days including an update on ...

Western Springs Police Chief resumes chats with residents over coffee

The conversation was one that took place at the Chat With the Chief at Starbucks, 1030 Burlington Avenue, from Noon to 2 p.m. Thursday, the event ...

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle 'vicious, cruel & self-serving' for doing Oprah Winfrey chat, says ...

Jonathan Dimbleby said the couple did "great damage" to the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family during their tell-all chat with Oprah Winfrey.

Friday, July 23, 2021

How to get to know someone through chat

How to get to know someone through chat

Peeping into his inner world from the mantra

A well-known human behaviorist once said, "human beings have two kinds of expressions. One is the expression on their face; The other is the message conveyed by the other party when talking. " A catchphrase is a conditioned reflex of people's subconscious mind. It is the personal information and personality that people inadvertently reveal. It is an inner view of things and a fixed language reflection mode formed by external information through its own psychological processing. Therefore, we can understand each other's personality according to each other's mantra, so as to understand his inner world and make ourselves master the initiative of conversation.

For example:

[why] such people can't stand things that go against their will, and use this repeated mantra to voice grievances and alleviate depression. Through observation, it is easy to judge the likes and dislikes and values of such people.

[I heard...] such people will leave room for themselves. Generally, such people have a wide range of knowledge, but their decision-making ability is not enough.

[to tell you the truth, to be honest, to be sure, not to deceive you] such people are not confident, lack a sense of security in their heart, have a somewhat impatient personality, and are very concerned about the other party's evaluation of the events they have stated, so they repeatedly emphasize the authenticity of things, hoping that they can be recognized in the group and trusted by many friends.

[maybe, maybe, maybe] this kind of person has strong self-defense ability and won't completely expose his inner thoughts. He is very calm, so his work and personnel relations are good.

The language characteristics of speech expose the hearts of others

Everyone has his own characteristics when talking. By skillfully analyzing the tone, speed and tone of the other party's conversation, we can explore what the other party is thinking in his heart. From the other party's way of speaking, choice of words and sentences, we can see the other party's inner situation, so we can understand how we should deal with it.

For example:

During the period of the Three Kingdoms, the famous scholar Guo Shaojia took refuge in Yuan Shaojia. Yuan Shao respected him and treated him like a guest of honor. But soon after, Guo Jia saw from Yuan Shao's speech that he was an unreliable man. Therefore, he said to Guo Tu, a Counselor: "Yuan Shao ostensibly imitated Zhou Gong's courtesy to virtuous corporal, but he didn't focus on what he said, and he often talked about family affairs; I like to let everyone give advice, but I can't make a decision. Such a person can't do great things. " Soon, Guo Jia left Yuan Shao and went to Cao Cao.

When Cao Cao wanted to inspect Guo Jia himself, he asked him, "do you think I can defeat Yuan Shao?" Guo Jia said, "Yuan Shao has ten defeats and you have ten wins [see bet 1]." Cao Cao was convinced. Finally, he suggested that Cao Cao should attack Lv Bu first, and then gradually expand his territory and expand himself. Cao Cao immediately said, "just as Mr. said. You are the one who has made me a great cause, and you are the counselor I am looking for! " Guo Jia also said, "you are the Ming Lord I am looking for!"

Yuan Shaoping has no focus when talking. He likes to talk about family affairs and has no decision-making ability, which proves that he has no ambition and can't achieve great things. Cao Cao was concise and comprehensive. He immediately adopted Guo Jia's suggestions, which proved that he acted decisively, did not procrastinate, could be a major event, and spoke humbly, which made Guo Jia die hard. Therefore, Guo Jia dispels his scruples and can enjoy what he wants.

Some people speak vulgar and obscene, some speak courteously, some speak orderly, some speak nonsense, some speak empty, some speak unintelligible. These can reflect each other's personality characteristics.

Noble, elegant and magnanimous people speak gently and fluently, indicating that they often use elegant social expressions. However, this kind of people should be divided into two kinds. One kind of people is the same on the outside and inside; The other is duplicity.

Many duplicitous people are noble in appearance and ugly in heart. They don't want to be perceived by the other party for their purpose of trying to cover up, so they speak in a gentle tone.

People with vulgar speech are more simple. This type of people, whether to leaders or subordinates, the same sex or the opposite sex, do not change their way of speaking. They like it in the end and hate it in the end.

Only by treating people with different personalities differently can we win each other's favor

1. Impatient person: laugh it off.

Impatient people are generally straightforward and say what they think. If you associate with such a person, the other person may unintentionally offend you. At this time, you should keep a cool head and don't care too much about it, because the other party has no malice in his heart and doesn't deliberately pick on you or be dissatisfied with you. You can laugh at his words, or use self mockery to resolve the embarrassing situation. When the other party understands his mistakes, you will be grateful to you, think you are a generous person, and then be more willing to communicate with you sincerely.

2. Rigid person: patiently snipe his hobby.

Rigid people generally like to go their own way in everything they do, and are always cold to others, especially strangers. Sometimes, although you greet him politely, he will always ignore it and generally will not respond as you expect. In fact, such people generally have few interests and hobbies, and they usually don't like communicating with others. Therefore, when communicating with such people, you will feel that the other party is too boring and can't even find a topic to communicate. In fact, such people also have things they pursue and care about. Therefore, when communicating with such people, you must not show indifference. Instead, you should spend some time, observe carefully, pay attention to his every move, and find out what he really cares about from his words and deeds. Once they touch the topic they are enthusiastic about, they may immediately sweep away the rigid expression on their faces and show great enthusiasm.

In addition, when dealing with such people, we should be more patient, communicate with them step by step, and try not to touch those people or things that upset him. Put yourself in their shoes, protect their interests, gradually let the other party consciously accept some new things, and finally change their mentality. In this way, they may be more willing to associate with you.

3. Arrogant person: find the nature of his life.

In the process of communication, we may also meet some people who think highly of themselves and look down on others. They always like to show an "egotistic" appearance. Such people are rude and arrogant. To tell the truth, dealing with such people is really a painful thing. However, communication with such people also has certain communication skills. Generally, the following two points shall be achieved:

(1) The language is concise and clear. When communicating with such a person, express your request or a problem clearly to the other person in the least possible words. In this way, the other party will feel that you are a quick and straightforward person, will no longer "bargain" with you, and will eventually restrict your behavior.

(2) Such people should be deliberately invited to engage in some activities. For example, invite him to dance, sing karaoke, or talk more about home affairs with him, and so on. Once the other person shows the true nature of his life in front of you, he will no longer be arrogant to you.

4. Competitive person: smooth the donkey's hair.

Such people generally have a strong desire for performance. When communicating with others, they will show off and arrogant, and always strive to prove that they are stronger and correct than others. When they meet their competitors, they will always try to exclude each other, attack each other by any means, and strive to gain the upper hand in all aspects. When communicating with such a person, you must follow him, praise him more, and don't show that you are better than him, otherwise you may annoy each other.

Two must kill skills to make the other party feel happy to communicate:

1. The power of the word "you / you" can hide yourself and give each other a chance to show

When we talk with strangers, we use the word "you" as much as possible before saying each sentence, which will immediately grasp the other party's heart, win more positive responses, make the other party feel proud, quickly walk into the other party's heart and achieve our own communication purpose.

2. Be good at listening and give each other a chance to show

Hongding businessman "Hu Xueyan's communication skill used by many friends" is very simple, that is, he will listen. When dealing with others, no matter how boring the other party's words are, he can be serious, look at the other party with both eyes, listen very deeply, and will have great interest in the other party's words. Moreover, at a critical juncture, he would add one or two sentences, which made the talker feel the pleasure of meeting him later, and then he would naturally become good friends with him.

Tips for winning the favor and trust of new friends:

1. Cater to each other's interests. 2. Say good things behind your back. 3. Praise / flatter. 4. Be good at activating the atmosphere during conversation (humor, exaggerated praise, self mockery)

[Note 1] Yuan Shao has "ten defeats" and the Lord (referring to Cao Cao) has "ten victories", which is roughly as follows:

Yuan Shaofan, Li Duoyi; And the Lord let nature. This is the "Daosheng" one.

Yuan Shao did not respect the imperial court; The Lord supports the son of heaven and commands the world. This is "righteousness wins" two also.

At the end of the Han Dynasty, the government order lost its leniency, and Yuan Shao ruled leniency with leniency, so he could not end his decadence; The Lord ruled with ferocity, and both the upper and lower levels could exercise self-discipline. These are the three principles of "governance and victory".

Yuan Shao is broad outside but taboo inside. He is suspicious of his employees. All the people he uses are relatives and children. The Lord is easy to be simple outside but smart inside. He has no doubt about his employment. He is only competent and does not ask whether he is close or not. This is the "degree victory" four also.

Yuan Shao often misses a good opportunity when he makes many plans and makes few decisions; As soon as the Lord's plan comes out, he will implement it. He will be flexible and changeable. This is the five principles of "seeking victory".

By virtue of his family background and prestige, Yuan Shao pretended to be modest and fishing for fame. Most of his followers were people greedy for fame; The Lord treats people sincerely, gets along with people with confidence, and does not seek false beauty. Under the rate of thrift, there is nothing stingy about rewarding meritorious deeds. Therefore, people with loyalty, righteousness, wisdom and genuine talents and practical learning are attached to him one after another. This is the "virtue wins" six also.

Yuan Shao was sympathetic to hunger and cold, but he was indifferent to those who had not seen their relatives. This is also the so-called "benevolence of women"; Although the Lord has neglected the small things in front of him, he can look at the world and think more than he expects. This is the "benevolence wins" seven also.

Yuan Shaoxi's officers and men fought for power and profit and slandered each other; However, the Lord's "Tao" has made rumors unpopular. This is the "Mingsheng" eight also.

Yuan Shao, regardless of right and wrong, listened to them and rejected them; The Lord treats "yes" with courtesy, and "no" with justice. This is "Wen Sheng" Jiuye.

Yuan Shao liked bluff and talked about the army but didn't understand the essentials of the art of war; Lord, you can defeat the enemy with less, use your arms like a God, and show no ghosts. This is "wusheng" shiye!

With this "ten victories" versus "ten defeats", why do you worry about Yuan Shao not being destroyed! "

Madu's town hall brings debate on provincial police to forefront

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Dodgers vs. Giants Game XIII chat

Dodgers vs. Giants Game XIII chat · True Blue LA, Episode 2125: The trade deadline is coming.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

How to chat with girls?

How to chat with girls?

Life is beautiful, happiness is in it, we should learn to find it!

1、 What kind of first impression should be left to mm (time: just started to contact mm)

1. I think the key is to let mm see your ambition.

The greatest charm of a man lies in his success in his career. Young people can't work long hours without success. At this time, you should let mm feel that you are a self-motivated person.

Others can talk nonsense, but this problem can not be vague. You must tell mm that you are confident in the future, you are not satisfied with the current situation, and you have a long-term plan. In short, your future is not a dream.

2. Be confident and responsible

Don't be like a child. Girls are lazy and hope to find someone to rely on. You should show your confidence and sense of responsibility.

It's better to have a wrong choice than no choice.

3. Don't be too serious, but don't be too casual

Be serious where you should be, and laugh when you should.

Girls like men who are a little cynical, so don't seem to care about everything. It's too rigid.

4. Be more mature and original: 100008555

Calm, calm man has a fatal attraction to mm.

2、 How to make further contact with MM

1. The key at this stage is not to be in a hurry. Don't make things so clear that people can see that you are chasing people at a glance.

Think about it, most people don't like you at a glance, but they don't hate you at a glance. They are all children of ordinary people (unless you look like chow yun fat, Andy Lau or Kevin Costner). Good will needs to be realized with the increasing understanding, so the key to the problem is the opportunity for further development.

Stand in the girl's point of view for others to think: you so straightforward rushed to engage in the object, the girl must have psychological pressure. If I don't like you after contacting for a while, it will be playing with you? So if you start to pose as if you want to win, you will be bored back immediately.

2. Start low

First of all, we should position the relationship as "friend". Originally, it was "ordinary friend". You hope to be "good friend". If you have good taste, you can also ask the other party to be "confidant". In short, don't say "chasing you".

Think about it, if you don't mention "chasing" at all, then girls will have no chance to "refuse" you - how can you refuse you if you don't chase her?!

This can reduce the girl's psychological pressure, so that you can go on smoothly. Don't fantasize about agreeing to marry you after three days of knowing each other. We should fully communicate and understand. Feelings don't arise out of thin air.

3. Don't be too impatient in the process of communication

Be relaxed and relaxed. Don't pester others all day. You'll be tired of anyone doing this to you. I have a good friend who told me that the key to chasing girls is "cold and hot, hard to get" (this is the crystallization of my classmates' hard work for many years).

If you pester others all day, naturally you don't feel good. If you are properly cold for a day or two, girls will think of the benefits of your presence.

Also, don't take out the ambition of "you don't marry". It's too cheap. Sometimes you can play tricks.

4. Create opportunities appropriately

As I said before, don't immediately turn things into "you're chasing others", and you need to get a chance to get close to girls. At this time, it depends on your creativity.

You can collect information and find a way to turn waiting for a rabbit into an encounter; You can also pretend to be careless and find the most sufficient reason to invite the other party to do something with you.

In short, this is the most technical place. It's really not good. You can ask your predecessors for advice.

5. Don't: it's impolite to give people gifts casually

Some people are eager to chase girls and like to buy things for others. However, this is the most taboo to chase girls.

As the saying goes, "no merit, no reward". You are putting pressure on others by giving them things like this. They will feel that they owe you, so they will find a way to give it back to you. If they can't give it back to you, they will find a way not to associate with you, so as not to always owe you human favor.

If you want to show your sincerity, you might as well invite girls to spend together. For example, find a good restaurant to eat, or find an expensive place to play with. Girls can naturally see that you spent a lot of money, but the money was spent by two people together, not turned into things and brought home. Original: 100008555

3、 What is "girlfriend"?

1. "Girlfriend" is a fact, not a promise

You start to associate with girls, from "ordinary friends" to "good friends", and then to "very, very good friends who have nothing to talk about". One sunny afternoon, you "accidentally" hold her hand“ You suddenly attacked and kissed her. At this time, she is already your girlfriend. Whether she admits it or not, she mentally thinks you are his boyfriend.

I know the best. I didn't ask "would you like to be my girlfriend" until I went to bed. Finally, the girl was worried: "why don't you ask me to be your girlfriend!"

So don't rush to break the window paper. The more hazy the situation is, the better it will be for you.

2. What is "confession"?

As I said earlier, confession is actually a form. The correct order should be: in fact, you have become your girlfriend, so you can confess to others. It's natural. Many people don't understand this problem. They always think that people promise to be their girlfriend first, and then how. I can only say that they are very, very "simple" and very, very "stupid".

3. Is there a time when you have to express yourself?

Yes, for example, there is a third party, or your relationship with a girl is not mature, but the two may be separated for a period of time.

The confession at this time is the confession with immature conditions. The risk is very high. It is similar to the situation when playing go. The laggard side is forced to release the "winner". If he wins, he wins. If he loses, he can only say that "misfortune is born".

4. Don't export the word "love" easily

I often see "bold confession" in forums. To be honest, I really think it is a very immature performance“ "Love" is a sacred word, which means pursuit, commitment and even responsibility.

A man who casually says "love" is irresponsible.

4、 Civilized love cannot be forced

1. Not every mm can catch up

There will always be a lot of people chasing good girls, it is impossible to fulfill everyone's wish, there will always be losers. For example, even if you assiduously study and master the principle of chasing mm, you can't catch up with any of twins.

Consider the problem from another angle. A rural nanny who has not graduated from primary school will not fall in love with her even if she is good to you and earns 600 yuan a month to buy you 700 yuan as a gift (overdraft) and is willing to "be a cow and a horse" for you. If she's crying around every day, you'll be annoyed.

Therefore, love needs material basis, at least balance.

2. Pursuing mm is a serious social activity

Don't bother others. Leave yourself a way back. Why does a man have no wife? Some mm are really snobbish (a few). If you are not convinced, you can be angry and powerful, and prove with facts that "she was blind at that time". Never mistake others and yourself.

Finally, add two points:

① Don't be cynical in front of mm. Cynicism sometimes means "you are a failure."

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How to become chatty

How to become chatty

01 02 chatting can be learned. It's the most effective way to learn chatting skills by consulting professionals. It can make you chat quickly.

03 reading is also a very effective way, in the process of reading, you will get a lot of different experience, which can be used in the chat.

In the process of chatting, you should pay attention to details. Sometimes you will observe and pay attention to details. You can communicate well without too much language.

05 received 370 praise for the correct use of thermometers and commonly used methods of measuring body temperature. Drugs for most people are certainly not unfamiliar, but we are most concerned about its safety.

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How to change will chat!

How to change will chat!

Some people think that the endless flow, from stories to jokes, makes everyone look at you with admiration. If you are there, you will never be cold. This is called "chatting".

That's what I thought. However, it turns out that all interpersonal skills, in the final analysis, are in the same sentence: "do the right thing at the right time.".

In my opinion, "chatting" should mean "making use of the tool of chatting to get closer to each other". Chatting is just a tool, and the purpose of chatting is the ultimate concern.

Compared with simply speaking, "chatting" is more about speaking more when it's time to speak and listening more when it's time to listen; When it's time to talk about yourself, when it's time to talk about yourself, focus on the other person; When it's time to show yourself, when it's time to leave the stage to others, it's time to give applause to others.

This is not a problem that can be solved by a simple theory, because to grasp "appropriateness", we need to judge the situation, observe the words and colors, and be flexible. These skills need to be honed.

Before talking about specific skills, I would like to say a few words from the perspective of "Tao".

As far as I can observe, many people who "can't chat" simply feel that there is no topic.

This is due to the lack of accumulation. After all, if your accumulation is too weak, you don't have the ability to dig out the topic first. Even if the other party gives you a good topic, you may not be able to pick up the conversation because you don't understand it at all.

Therefore, if you want to chat back and forth, the necessary knowledge reserve is indispensable.

However, knowledge reserve is not decisive. After all, most of the time, we don't chat in all aspects of politics, economy and history, and we don't go deep into the world outlook and values. Most of the time, we just kill time, exchange feelings, and find a sense of friendliness and identity in each other.

However, why can't some people talk about even simple topics and simple contents?

As far as I can observe, those who can't continue talking often feel "what's the meaning of this", "nothing to say", "embarrassed" and "eager to go home".

1、 Be genuinely interested in others

I have read a sentence before, which has benefited me a lot: the first point of good interpersonal relationship is sincere interest in others.

Think back to those conversations that make us feel boring and want to get away quickly. Is it because, to a large extent, we are not only not interested in the topic, but also in the people we are talking to.

Even the most boring topics, such as the weather, what's the weather like here? What's the weather like in each season? What kind of weather do you like best and why? Did anything happen the last time it rained? Did anything romantic happen?

Look, if you are interested enough in each other, even the most boring topics, such as weather, you can find many interesting topics, because you want to know each other very much

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How to chat?

How to chat?

1. If you feel that you can't go on, you will avoid answering and start a new topic.

2. If you have some moral problems, waste the test and try to throw them back. For example, whether or not to do it, how to do it, ask back.

3. Don't directly say some hurtful words. It's better not to say them. Don't hope to say such words as "sorry, I speak more directly" after saying them to reduce the harm.

4. When we talk about real life, we can talk about some extended problems, such as whether we can cook, what we like, and so on.

5. Talk about the meaningless reality, talk about some emotions or things you don't know. Think of a way to let the other side to talk, you must respond to the other side, if it is said that it is not interesting.

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Tips for chatting

Tips for chatting

1. Chat, do not use direct question and answer. If so, sometimes it is difficult to continue the chat, and the atmosphere of the chat is very dull.

2. Chat is not a person to say a word, you say a word, don't wait for her to say a word. Take the initiative

3. Say more praise, girls like to listen to this.

4. If the other party is suddenly silent, it may be that they don't know how to say it, or they are not interested in what they say. You do not ask, try to change the topic, to break the embarrassing situation.

5. From the perspective of chatting, we should start from caring and loving each other.

6. Chat more about the trivia of life. It's best to express it in the form of humor.

7. When it comes to emotional issues, don't ask, especially ask. It can be said that time flies when we are together, and it's very kind to chat with you... State a certain state.

How to chat? What's the way to chat?

How to chat? What's the way to chat?

There's no need to find a way to chat about a topic, just a way to keep a topic chatting for a long time, or a way to continue, so as not to let a sentence end the topic. There is also the essence of the chat content, a lot of chat content is in the "share" people or things around... Start

Personally, I don't like dealing with people. I think it's very troublesome. However, due to some reasons, I have been doing some small coordination work in the past few years. In addition to the suggestions given by some friends and my inner feelings about some incorrect dialogues, I would like to summarize here and give you some suggestions.

Because I'm a girl, this article is from a girl's point of view. Later, I will add the method of interviewing my talking friends from the male point of view.

Different words in different contexts will have different feelings, the key is how to say.

What are the skills of chatting and finding topics?

Turn the topic of conversation into an open one, instead of a cold one question and one answer one by one.

What are the skills of chatting and finding topics?

More to find a good way to cut into the topic, find the right angle to chat.

What are the skills of chatting and finding topics?

Telling stories or jokes can increase the interest of chatting and arouse each other's interest. The most important thing is to sincerely invest in emotion, exchange each other's values and express the deeper side. This is the core value of chatting. Chat has a sense of humor, will be more attractive, although humor is difficult, but you can train more thinking in this area.

What are the skills of chatting and finding topics?

In fact, it is to enrich one's knowledge

I have a common topic with everyone

If you want to stay alive

Also know how to change the topic in time

Try to lean on each other's interests and concerns

Don't be too serious. Talk about some light topics

If two people can chat with each other as soon as they meet, it means that two people are suitable to be friends. If you feel that you don't know what to talk about when chatting with someone, but you still want to be friends with him or her, I suggest you practice more. In fact, if you are together, you can try to observe the objects around you, and then find inspiration from them. You can also talk about your own memories. These are good entry points. In fact, if you feel embarrassed when chatting, But you all want to talk, so it means that you want to be friends with each other, and you don't want to give up. In fact, once you get back to know each other, no two people will talk very well at the beginning. Only by constantly meeting and chatting, there is always a place to chat together.

Do you want to chat between men and women, or between friends, no matter what kind of chat, as long as you find a way to get along with each other, chat mode, talk to each other, have questions

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Several ways of chatting

Several ways of chatting

The first step is to build self-awareness in the chat. A very important point in your chat with him is to establish attraction and provide value, which is to upgrade the relationship. There are three levels of attraction. The shallowest level of attraction is based on external attraction, just like your dress and talk. The second level of attraction is based on emotional link, which is based on emotional attraction, that is, you like each other, that is, you have emotional attraction. The third level is soul attraction, which is what many people call soul mate. Attraction itself is based on understanding and familiarity. Before repeatedly stressed that you want to lead the chat between you, the core is that you must skillfully understand yourself, understand your self-awareness, if you really fall in love with a person, the more you understand, the more you love a person. It's the same for ourselves. The more we know ourselves, the more we love ourselves. Some friends do not know how to show themselves, do not know what to show convenient. That is, you didn't do a good job in self-awareness. An example that I often have with my friends is that if you want someone to introduce you to an object, you must first let the introducer know your advantages and disadvantages. Advantages and disadvantages. You need at least a letter of introduction, that is, sales. You need to sell yourself, so I suggest you do a self analysis first. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses to get the right medicine. In order to better develop strengths and avoid weaknesses and chat with her. When you have a clear self-awareness. Instinctively, you will know what your strengths and weaknesses are? In front of the girl you like, you will naturally develop your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. This is the internal condition for building attraction.

The second step is to get to know each other in the process of chatting. Sun Tzu's art of war says that only when you know yourself and the enemy can you win a hundred battles. During your chat, she will ask you a question, where do you love me? Where do you like me? But generally they can't answer. Then he will say, you don't know me, just say love me, in fact I'm not as good as you think, so this situation is a fact in many times, when you don't know him, when you chat with him, it's easy to be rejected. This is the confession of death. If you want to have a good chat with him, you must be more and more familiar with him. Because each of us has the need to be familiar, understood and praised. You can't give her a cart of apples just because of the pears he wants. Then you say that she doesn't love me when I give her so many apples. But you do not understand, she ah, why should she love you? Every one of us likes to get to know others and ourselves. There are many friends and I sigh. He said that company and understanding are more important than love. There's another saying that's very good. He who is believed to be a confidant dies. A woman is the one who pleases herself. So if you want to constantly deepen the understanding in the chat, you should pay attention to a step-by-step, just at the beginning. If you want your sister to tell you what's on her mind and tell you about her physiological period, it's undoubtedly very difficult. Ah! Generally speaking, what's the order of knowing a person? In order to understand his basic necessities of life and arouse his interest. Build a sense of connection. Share two people's lives and build a sense of security. Implanting the expectation of invitation, initially establishing a framework for two people to try to communicate.

The third step is to understand the needs. When you chat, you must know what her needs are! You can better suit the remedy to the case and chat with her. And the needs are generally divided into three categories, one is material needs, of course, first of all, you don't say how realistic she is, because many people choose bread between love and bread. This society is so realistic! Maybe some people choose love at last, but love is awakened by hunger. No one will fall in love hungry unless there is a mine at home. Because she also wants to enhance and improve her life through a love, so you should show him your material and value needs in a targeted and effective way. The second point is emotional needs. Everyone's attitude towards marriage and feelings is different. Therefore, we have strict control over the feelings of our lovers. I will also teach you how to talk about her feelings, and then implant a common emotional view and image to understand her emotional needs through chatting. An emotional way to connect with her. Third. Instinctive needs, that is the needs of the body, as well as the worship of the strong, oh, how to find out this need for him through chat? I will talk about this in the future.

The fourth step is to provide chat value in the chat. In the conversation between you and her, it's not your language, but also your expression. A lot of times, there is a good saying that, er, expression is more important than what you say. How to say, how to say, sometimes more important than what you say. So in chatting, chatting has similar emotional value. The second point is the emotional value of chatting, that is, resonance, plus some skills that can bring your relationship closer. Just like the third step above, I understand his needs through chatting, aiming at his different needs. You need to provide corresponding values, such as language value, emotional value, emotional value, material value, and soul value. These contents, we will preach slowly in the later articles.

How to chat? What's the way to chat?

How to chat? What's the way to chat?

There's no need to find a way to chat about a topic, just a way to keep a topic chatting for a long time, or a way to continue, so as not to let a sentence end the topic. There is also the essence of the chat content, a lot of chat content is in the "share" people or things around... Start

The methods of chatting include appropriate opening remarks, letting the other party know what you want to do, paying attention to the tone and speed of speaking, and showing confidence.

1. Appropriate opening remarks:

In what occasion, with what identity of strangers chat, prologue is very important, of course, there are address, can't guess the other party's age, you call handsome beauty, also much safer than big brother big sister.

2. Let the other person know what you want to do:

With the address, the other party began to take care of you, don't say too much nonsense, let the other party know your purpose immediately, otherwise the other party may guess and doubt your motivation.

3. Pay attention to the tone and speed of speaking

Although I said it's important to let the other party know our purpose, we can't talk too fast or too impatient. It's easy to put pressure on the other party and tell the other party what I want to communicate with you at a constant speed.

4. Be confident:

If you are going to introduce some business and show some confidence, don't be afraid of rejection. Good business will definitely be needed. You just need to speak out the business boldly.

5. Think ahead of time about what the other person will say:

When chatting with strangers, different strangers may have different reactions. You should plan ahead. If the other person is interested, we will exchange contact information next. If he is not interested, how can we thank him and end the conversation.

Extended information:

Taboo of chatting:

1. Ask about her past love experience

It's not a wise choice to talk about other people's sadness and pain. No matter how well cultivated they are, they may not like you at all. My sister will think that such a man has no Eq. she has her own painful experience. Even you don't want to talk about your own emotional experience.

2. Money

Don't talk about money when you haven't established a love relationship with your sister. It will only make your sister feel that you are too superficial. However, when you are with your sister, you should show your generosity. Women especially hate stingy men.

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How to let oneself become can chat?

How to let oneself become can chat?

Chatting is to have something to talk about when we are together. If we are not in the cold, chatting will not make you embarrassed. A common saying, people who can chat say it is comfortable, people who can't chat say it is often misunderstood and hard to accept. When people get along with each other, chatting can enhance their feelings. If you want to become a chatting person, you just need to make some changes.

1. Chat should be interactive. Don't always be a quiet listener. Chat with each other, others are always saying, you just listen, no corresponding interaction, this will let people guess your mind. Appropriate expression of their views, appropriate resonance, more conducive to the chat between the two sides.

Don't spoil the fun of others. When the other party talks with you about a recent movie, and they are very engaged and happy, you can say that you have seen the movie yourself and it is not interesting at all. Other people's enthusiasm will soon be extinguished by you, you chat again, it is difficult to be so happy. So we should consider each other's emotions and feelings, and don't think about what to say.

Don't be too distracted when chatting with each other. Some people are chatting with each other, but their eyes are always looking around others. This gives people the feeling that you are not interested in the topic here. Once others notice, they will naturally end the conversation.

How to let oneself become can chat

Don't be too wary of others. As the saying goes, it's necessary to guard against others, but if you always talk like a dike, it's hard for others to get close to you, and it's hard to make effective progress in chatting. Don't protect yourself too much and protect your privacy properly. It's much easier to share when it's time to share.

5. Find more common topics. Since it's a chat, there should be a topic. So the premise of a good chat is that both sides have a common topic. How to find topics, usually pay more attention to life, news and other information, more exchange topics.

6. The tone of chatting should be easy-going. When chatting face to face, your facial expression and tone often affect the feelings of the other person. The tone of voice should not be too exaggerated or too low for people to hear you clearly. A normal tone is more acceptable.

How to make yourself chat slowly?

1. Learn to listen. Although people who can chat will grasp the general direction of the whole conversation, they will also give others the opportunity to speak. If you keep on talking, even if you are talking about something interesting, it will appear that you are too self-centered, and it will easily cause other people's antipathy. People who can really chat will grasp the discretion of speaking and listening, so that everyone has equal opportunities to speak.

2. Every time you chat, you should focus on the topic raised by the Chater. If you always show a casual appearance in the process of chatting, it will make the other party lose the enthusiasm of chatting with you. When chatting with others, you should focus on the speaker and avoid the impolite behavior of texting or calling.

3. Expand your knowledge. The more you know, the easier it is to talk to different people. Usually, people who can chat don't just nod and agree with other people's words. They can easily lead from this topic to another new topic, and master the direction of the whole conversation without boring others. Read more books and newspapers, learn more about news and current hot events, and attend more lectures in various industries, so as to expand their knowledge from multiple channels.

4. Increase your own experiences worth sharing. Those who can chat will always inadvertently share their own interesting and wonderful personal experience in the chat experience, which makes everyone feel that their life is always wonderful and constantly attracted to them. The more you try, the more stories you will have to share with others. The best way to accumulate interesting experiences is to travel. In this process, you will meet new people and new things, and all these will become your chatting material.

5. Cultivate your own positive interests and hobbies. When you participate in them, you will make a lot of like-minded friends. When you have common interests, you will easily integrate into each other's chat direction. Introverted friends can exercise their chat skills at the beginning. At the beginning, you will talk about your common interests. After you get familiar with each other, it will be easier to integrate into each other's chat topics. Slowly, you will find it not so difficult to chat with others, and your self-confidence in staying in the crowd will be improved.

6. Keep an open mind when chatting. Everyone has the right to express their own personal views. Even if other people's views are completely opposite to yours, you don't have to worry about it. Keep an open mind as far as possible. Always remember that this is only a friendly debate, and it won't hurt the root of the problem. Therefore, it's not worth showing your dissatisfaction and destroying the atmosphere of chatting at this time.

How to make yourself talkative

1. No matter you meet any big person on any occasion. If you want to communicate well, you have to overcome your own tension. Once you get nervous, you will lose your previous agile thinking. Your brain will become chaotic. So it is important to overcome the tension of talking with strangers first

2. When you are nervous or anxious to express yourself, you may become short and disorganized in your speed and way of speaking. Remember to talk calmly when you are anxious about anything. Only in this way can the other party understand what you are expressing in the shortest time

3. There are many ways of language expression. When you want to express a thing or a thing, remember that the language should be concise and easy to understand. Use the shortest sentence to express what you want to say. Don't talk too much. The other party still doesn't understand

4. Always keep your brain in a clear and calm state. Don't just start with a few words of truth. When you say something, it's totally different. You should always talk around the central point you want to express. Don't pull around. The other person will not be able to communicate with you

5. Don't always keep a business zombie face in language communication. Don't let the conversation atmosphere be less tense. Deliberately. Because the tense atmosphere is not conducive to normal communication. Only in a pleasant conversation can we get the other party's trust and achieve the desired effect

6. It's not delicious in the process of talking. Don't exaggerate. Just say what you want to express. Only say what you know. Don't say something fictional just to please. It won't get the recognition of the other party. You will feel that you are not sincere enough!

How to make yourself able to chat

1. To understand the true humor, refuse the false humor, many people have some self righteous humor, they feel like it, but others are very cold, especially when they make fun of others as humor. This kind of thing must not be done, because it will make people feel disgusted, so humor becomes not humorous.

2. To be confident, a lot of people don't dare to speak, that is to say, they lose because they don't have confidence. In fact, there's nothing they don't dare to do. Everyone is the same. Just say it boldly.

3. Practice more, you can start with your friends, and gradually change from the listener to the talker. Don't always listen. After your friends get used to it, you will lose the chance to speak.

4. It doesn't matter if you can learn more and can't speak. When chatting with others, you can see why the popular people can attract people's attention, why people like to listen to his speech, and if you have a heart, you can record some golden sentences, maybe you can use them one day?

5. Be bold and take part in more projects that need to be said, such as actively communicating with others. Don't push it to others later. Take over and do it yourself slowly. Even if you have the opportunity, you can step on the stage more and show yourself in the crowd, and you will get better slowly.

6. Understand the new social trends and fashion trends, read more books to enrich your knowledge and broaden your cognition, so that you can have something to say when you chat.

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Chat topic

Chat topic

1. Identify common topics

The common topic is the premise of chatting. Boys usually talk about cars, games and other topics; Girls can talk about clothes, TV dramas, cosmetics, etc; The topic between boys and girls to find a balance, now love to chase drama boys and girls love to play games are not a few, find the same interest at least will not appear "embarrassed chat" situation. The dialogue between the elders is easier than that between their peers. They talk more about strange people and strange things with them, show a thirst for talents, let the old man tell about his youth, and ask questions in places they don't understand. The old man likes this kind of chat very much.

2. Be able to hold

When chatting with unfamiliar people, don't be too self-centered and give others time to talk. Otherwise, it's easy to give people a strong feeling. It's very bad for making friends in the early stage. When chatting, you should use proper language and don't swear. Your friends may know who you are, but strangers don't. control the time of chatting, It should not be too long or too short. Pay attention to enunciation clearly, don't speak out loud, and don't spit in the process of speaking.

3. Take it easy to chat

When both parties have no common interest but have to chat, you can use the main chat mode. You can start a topic, which can be your funny experience, doubts, social news. At this time, if the other party smiles or answers your questions, it means that the chat can continue. If there is no cooperation, stop in time. When chatting with the boss, try not to focus on the work. You can talk about the new changes near the company and what you ate today.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Chat and speaking skills

Chat and speaking skills

People are gregarious animals. They contact many other people every day and communicate with them. What are the skills of speaking? Next, I will introduce how to learn speaking skills



The tone should be low and clear.

Bright, low and pleasant intonation is the most attractive, so people with high intonation should try to practice to become low-key in order to speak charming perceptual voice.


Clear pronunciation and paragraphs.

The pronunciation should be standard and the sentences should be clear-cut. The best way to correct the shortcoming of not pronouncing words is to read aloud, which will be effective over time.


Speak fast and slow, just right.

In emotional situations, of course, speaking speed can be accelerated. In rational situations, speaking speed should be slowed down accordingly.


Know how to pause at certain times.

Don't be too long and don't be too short. Pauses sometimes arouse curiosity and force the other party to make an early decision.


The volume should be moderate.

If the volume is too high, it will cause too much pressure and disgust. If the volume is too low, it will appear that you are not confident and persuasive.


Match facial expression

Every word, every sentence has its meaning. Know when to match the right facial expression.


The wording should be elegant and the pronunciation should be correct.

Learn the correct pronunciation and practice more.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Important chat skills

Important chat skills

1、 Listening & mastering rhythm

All those who are annoying have a common trait, that is, they don't consider other people's feelings at all.

I believe a lot of people have met "interrogative" interlocutors. Open your chat with him, 90% of the 10 conversations are about him asking you all kinds of questions, ranging from where your parents work to your income and personal life. This "unique way of communication" gives you the illusion of being held up and interrogated by the enemy.

In addition, I also know some "performance type" speakers, who basically don't give you the opportunity to talk, talking about how awesome they are all the time, and then giving you a set of general principles of life. They are so bored. They don't need normal communication. Instead, they eagerly turn every conversation into a stage and give everyone a free talk show just to satisfy their crazy desire for performance.

Of course, you can ask questions, but you must grasp the boundary between frequency and privacy; Don't talk about yourself. Give the other person a chance to talk. The rhythm of conversation is a very important thing, it determines whether you can communicate happily. By the way, if you don't hate each other, try smiling and keeping a friendly expression.

Before any conversation, please remember to listen to the other person, not to talk nonsense.

Two, do not make complaints about it, but be tactful.

Make complaints about the atmosphere of Tucao too heavy, so everyone began to make complaints about "Tucao" is a very cool thing.

Sometimes, it's cool to see Tucao's passage, but it's not the same thing to make complaints about yourself. Especially those who are not close enough to Tucao, you may make complaints about it. In real life, apart from cross talk actors, Tucao will not make you look funny and humorous, but it will make complaints about your "lack of courtesy and upbringing". The dislike of Tucao is that you put a big pot of salt on the other side's pain to make complaints about the "cheap and interesting". It can't help you solve any problems, but it may make things worse.

Even in the United States, where movies like "the bankrupt girl" are made, well-educated young people are very polite. On the occasion of life, people tend to "may I ask your name?" Replace "what is your name?"; I will take care of it is often used by boys when they treat and pay the bill. Please pay attention to the usage of "take care".

If you want to be considered as a person with proper behavior, you must use honorifics and thank you more. When asking others for help, you should use polite expressions such as "please", "excuse me", "I don't know if it's convenient for you". When the other party has contributed to the project, say more "thank you for your efforts in XX..."; When you refuse others' request, you can be firm, but use euphemistic words. You can say "I'm really sorry, I really can't help you with this matter. Do you want to consider other methods, such as...". In short, don't leave without a word, let the other party feel that he is valued and respected.

3、 Accurately understand other people's information

The reason why many people are boring and can't get to the point is that they can't accurately understand the information conveyed by others, or they are so arrogant that they disdain to understand others.

When others say a word to us, they actually send us a message. Before giving back this information, we need to analyze and process it.

First of all, you have to judge the other person's mood. Is he happy, depressed or in urgent need of comfort? Second, you need to pause a little and refine in your mind what the other person is talking about. What's more, why does he say that? What's his motive. The next question is, what questions do the other person want you to solve?

It may be a little tired to use this method at first, but if you keep thinking, you will find that your speaking ability will be improved in a very short time. After all, the improvement of expression ability comes from thinking.

4、 Express your point of view accurately

A borrow money with you, you reluctantly say "good", the other party will be happy, but you may not be; If you say "no problem", the other party is overjoyed and goes home to have a good sleep. From then on, your nightmare begins.

Before speaking, don't promise something you don't want to do just to make the other person happy; Especially in the face of important commitments, please feel your heart and ask, "what do I want this thing to be?"“ What do I really want. You can make the other party feel comfortable in your attitude, but you must follow your heart in making specific decisions.

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Chat skills

Chat skills

I don't know if you have such a special chat person around you. Everyone is willing to chat with her, or even listen to her without chatting.

So, what kind of thinking behind their ability to chat with people is worth learning? Let's analyze it today~

1、 Ingenious thinking brings humorous language

People who are good at chatting are usually very humorous. They make people feel funny and even laugh.

Such a humorous person, of course, everyone is willing to chat with him.

One of my college students is like this. He is very humorous and amazes the people around him when he opens his mouth. Even when the school organizes debate competitions, the debate team wants to send him out to "disturb" the other party.

Ha ha, I'm kidding. The debate team is still a serious group.

Of course, this classmate's humor is not without reason, behind this, there is his unique way of thinking.

For example, if someone asks you, is it cold outside? The average person's answer is, "still broad, not too cold."

And this guy would say, "it's not cold, it's even a little hot."

But when you look out of the window, it's snowy.

You see, the first step for this guy to chat is to turn the topic to the opposite that ordinary people can't think about. The answer on the opposite makes people feel more novel and funny.

It's very pleasant to chat with such people!

So, if you want to talk about the thinking of people who are good at chatting, what I want to say is their originality. The same answers and words are boring. Novelty is more attractive.

There is a famous saying, "in the kingdom of imagination, anything new or unusual is the source of happiness, because it enriches our hearts with a pleasant novelty."

You see, novelty or unusual things are the source of people's happiness to some extent. Isn't that attractive enough?

If you also want to be a special chat person, you might as well start from the cultivation of creative thinking!

2、 Think about the problem and comprehensively touch the "connecting point" of both sides

Is humor enough to make people want to talk to you?

It's not just that.

If those attractive words have nothing to do with you, I think you don't want to listen to them.

Behind this, there is a more important "connection point". People who can chat often find the "common ground" between you two before on the basis of comprehensive thinking.

This is an important aspect of effective communication.

I have a friend who used to be the president of the student union. This guy communicates with countless people every day. Everyone praises him for his communication skills.

No matter who he chats with, he can effectively touch the common ground of both sides. Some people chat mainly to comfort you, and chat with him, you can effectively receive some information, know what to choose next.

The connection point between you is often reflected incisively and vividly in the communication with him.

This kind of communication is really effective.

And in their thinking level, it involves their strong analytical ability.

Can effectively analyze your problems, your joy, your dissatisfaction and other emotions, on this basis to give you enough tolerance, through your contact points to convey effective information to you.

Their powerful ability to chat depends on it.

If you want to have such a strong ability to chat, you might as well start with enhancing your analytical ability!

3、 The true feelings of the warm and close people

Of course, in addition to understand you to help you, there is a must kill skill for people who can chat, that is the true feelings under the enthusiasm.

No one can refuse the truth, in social life, we are not fools, basically able to distinguish who is true and who is false.

And those who are especially good at chatting, they will develop a kind of "true thinking", put themselves in the other side's shoes in communication, and let the other side feel the value of sincerity.

A few months ago, when I was exercising every morning, I would call my friends in the community. This way of communication is much more effective than sending wechat and voice messages.

It is in the communication with my friends that I found that the expression of true feelings is very important.

At the end of each chat, everyone praises me in the community. They recognize my communication skills, which can also be called "chat ability."

And I analyzed it, why do you have such feelings?

To a large extent, it comes from my sincerity and exchange my heart for the truth.

In communication, I won't talk about big things. If you talk about a lot of big things that others are not willing to listen to, you might as well talk about your recent life and thoughts.

For example, I had a very good communication with Taobao customer service today, and they finally rescheduled the delivery for me, and so on.

Sincere chat can make people feel natural and comfortable, and can get a sense of reality from your expression. Truth has its own power, and can even "ignite" the spark of wireless communication.

This is also a little sentiment I got from chatting. I'd like to share it with you.

It's also like a small gain in my writing. The expression of true feelings is far more attractive than the exaggeration and hypocrisy.

Therefore, if you want to have a strong chat ability, you might as well be more realistic!

Write at the end

Rome is not built in a day, especially for people who can chat, and their thinking is not formed in a day. If you want to be such a person, you might as well try to cultivate your above thinking from now on~

If there is no effect in the short term, don't be discouraged. After all, it's still a long process from obscurity to popularity!

Welcome to like, forward, comment, say your confusion, I'll have a good chat with you~

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

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Chatting is an interactive process of speaking and listening. Its success depends on whether the two sides can understand each other

Chatting is an interactive process of speaking and listening. Its success depends on whether the two sides can understand each other

Semantics. Therefore, in chatting, we should cultivate and improve our cognition and keen insight of others and our own psychological state.

Can't chat several performance: first, find not to chat time; 2、 Boring opening remarks; 3、 Boring topics; 4、 Unable to grasp the degree of chat; 5、 I don't know how to mobilize each other's emotions. The following is targeted to solve.

I can't find the right time to chat. When the other party replies that we are having dinner with friends or busy with other work, we should think that the other party may not be very convenient. If we continue to chat, we may not be able to chat. At this time, we should choose to retreat and choose the right time. According to the normal work and rest time, we usually choose to chat with others between 8 pm and 12 pm.

Boring opening questions. 80% of men and girls say "Hello, hi, what are you doing" and so on. If girls are not particularly interested in you, they will not necessarily answer you. There are also some brothers who are used to chatting. So a good opening is crucial.

The most important thing in the opening of a chat is to use declarative sentences. Through the circle of friends or something, to understand each other's personality or interests, opening, but also can't tightly around this point to pave too long road, don't be embarrassed at that time.

Boring topics. I used to chat with friends. At the beginning, I asked what topic to talk about. I said casually, then I didn't talk about it later. In fact, the topic can not be limited to death, usually we have to accumulate more experience in life, either consult the type of talk about people's views, or talk about today's hot topics, so that we can have something to say.

We can't grasp the degree of chatting. When chatting, we also need to grasp the time of chatting. It's almost time to eat and time to sleep, so we have enough. Don't let the other party say, "OK, I'm going to have a rest". In this way, your impression in the other party's heart will be bad. Even if you have a good chat this time, it's not necessarily the next time.

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How to chat

How to chat

It's not cold to find topics to chat. It's necessary to find a wide range of topics, face up to the differences between male and female students' interests in topics, chat more about common interests, don't talk about a topic to death, and chat is the interaction of both sides' hearts.

1. There is a wide range of topics to look for

There are many topics that can be talked with girls, such as emotions, star entertainment, life trivia, social phenomena, anecdotes and so on. This is just the broadest category. Each category can be subdivided into many small categories. So, there are too many topics to talk about. Just choose the topics that the other party may be interested in and you know better.

2. Face up to the differences of interest between male and female students in topic

Because of the difference between male and female students, the topics they understand and are interested in are usually quite different. A group of girls chat gossip happy, boys feel incredible. A group of boys chatted happily for a ball game, but it was also difficult for girls to understand. This kind of difference in understanding of topics between different genders can help us chat happily with girls.

Girls prefer stars entertainment and emotional topics, boys prefer social phenomena and sports events, and boys and girls prefer social phenomenon topics. Can be combined, as far as possible to chat both sides are interested, and then find girls interested, so that chat can gradually get better.

3. Talk more about common interests and hobbies

If you are chatting with male elders, you can talk more about social phenomena. If you are chatting with female elders, you can talk about life trivia. This article focuses on the heterosexuals of the same age, you can lead the topic to the category of interests and hobbies.

Young people, too, are likely to have common interests. If they are different, they can get to know each other and arouse each other's interest. If they are the same, it would be better. The topic can be talked more deeply, and even the experience of privacy between the two parties can be talked about. Then the relationship will be more intimate.

4. Don't talk a topic to death

Most of the time, we just don't grasp the extensibility of the topic. The content of a single topic is usually limited. If you want to continue talking for a long time, you need to extend the topic to related topics, or naturally transition to other topics. It's almost impossible to keep talking if we only grasp this topic.

5. Chatting is the interaction between the hearts of both sides

When chatting with each other, always remember that chatting is not your speech alone, but the interaction between two people's hearts. When you speak, you should pay attention to the attitude and expression of the other person. Does she want to express her opinion? Do you need to listen quietly? Are you not interested in or tired of the current topic? These all need you to grasp the signal in time, don't just focus on your own words and ignore the feelings of the other party.

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How to chat

How to chat

Is everyone worried? I don't know how to chat with others, and I can't speak. Always let others feel very tired of chatting with you, just a few words, then I tell you now, you are saved, ha ha ha. If you want to be a chatting person, you must first find the right person, and then be good at listening to others and gaining mutual recognition. In general, two people chat, just to express their feelings, to obtain a sense of identity with each other.

Therefore, in the process of chatting, we should stand in the position of others, not just focus on ourselves. We should be good at listening to each other's voice, see what he thinks, and think in another position. If you have different opinions in the process of chatting, you need to think in another place, not so rigid, because sometimes what you think is not all right. When we have different opinions, we can communicate with each other in a euphemistic tone.

To express your own point of view, even if you don't agree with each other, don't ridicule and sarcasm each other. Developing your relationship will only lead to more and more estrangement and strangeness. The second is to focus on the accumulation of topics, not every day is so a few words, do not chat every day is these words in it? What are you doing, eating? These problems are frequent. This will make people have a sense of impatience, so don't chat with him every day, except for these words, or this sentence, there is no freshness at all. We must pay attention to the accumulation of language, probably those who can't speak clearly want to speak, but can't find words to say, so every day is very troublesome. Chatting is the most active process, so don't be rigid in chatting.

Otherwise, it will make people have a kind of love. You don't know how to chat with me. Isn't that a waste of time? Never let that happen. So you can talk about it? Collected some funny experiences, interesting stories, hot news, can communicate with each other, so that it will not appear very rigid, not to chat with her every day, just a few words can be said. Third, you can find some humorous jokes to chat with each other. People who have dreams are very successful. Humorous chat can relax yourself first.

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